About Relax Workshop Stoves

The Relax range of Woodburning Workshop stoves are an economical form of heating for workshops, greenhouses or industrial units, designed to burn wood off cuts, ( off-cuts ) shavings and sawdust. Clever design and construction delivers preheated air to the heart of the fire bed, whilst an effective supply of secondary air ensures compliance with EEC Regulations regarding smoke emissions and burn rates. Relax stoves are also Sawdust Burners.

We have been importing and supplying the Relax Workshop Stove and Sawdust Burners for more than 20 years! There are thousands of them in use throught the UK.

Check the range of Woodburning Sawdust Burning Workshop Stoves.

These Stoves are also known by the Model Numbers PM1, PM2, PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6 & PM7 (or PM6+) Workshop Stoves

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