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Relax Workshop Stove.
Relax Workshop Stove Range.
Relax Workshop Stove Air Flow.
Stovax Huntingdon 40 Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Stove.
Stovax Riva Studio 2 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove.
Stovax Riva Studio Duplex Inset Wood Burning Fires.
Wanders Black Pearl Wood stove.
Wanders Danta 800 Wood stove.
Relax Woodburning Workshop Stove.

Relax Workshop Stoves

Relax Woodburning Workshop Stoves turn your waste wood into free heat! The Relax Stove Range burn wood, pallets, off cuts, sawdust, shavings and logs so in an environmentally friendly way AND heat your workshop, garage, greenhouse, out buildings or garden buildings.

Why pay to have your waste wood disposed of, when you can turn it into an excellent heat source?

The Relax range of Wood burning Workshop stoves are an economical form of heating for workshops, greenhouses or industrial units, designed to burn wood off cuts, ( off-cuts ) shavings and sawdust. Clever design and construction delivers preheated air to the heart of the fire bed, whilst an effective supply of secondary air ensures compliance with EEC Regulations regarding smoke emissions and burn rates. Relax stoves are also Sawdust Burners.

The RELAX Workshop Wood burning Stoves are loaded with fuel through an access plate in the top. There is a convenient ash cleaning hatch, and the RELAX stoves are fitted with a safety guard. The RELAX R1, RELAX R2 & RELAX R3 offer outputs of 4Kw, 6Kw & 8Kw, while the larger stoves -  The RELAX R4, RELAX R5, RELAX R6 & Relax R7 - should burn overnight without attention, if hardwood off cuts or logs are used.

About Relax Stoves

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Relax Stoves now has some 20+ years experience in supplying Workshop Stoves, Sawdust Burners, Woodburners and Range Cookers throughout the UK and into Europe.

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What Output Do I Need?

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Use out Stove Output Calculator to determine what size stove you need. Sure, it's an easy calculation but we do it for you.

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Dealing With Us

You can buy Workshop Stoves from Relax Sawdust Burners on line or, for all other stoves and range cookers by calling us on 01384 880 007.

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Why pay to have your waste wood dispo0sed of? You can heat your workshop, greenhouse, industrial unit or garage withy your waste timber, off-cuts, logs or even sawdust!

We supply a range of workshop stoves & heaters from 4kW up to 24kW..

12 months warranty applies.

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